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Ok, somehow I missed out on this, but Encore has been running a "Friday Midnight Movie Marathon" every Friday in August hosted by Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett from MST3K. Tonight they are showing Rocky Horror, Pink Flamingos, Night of the Living Dead and a documentary about the classic midnight movies of the 70s. If you can't catch the remainder tonight you might want to try and catch it next Friday!

PS I am bummed that they aren't showing Eraserhead. Why does no one EVER show this film? That and El Topo.

Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls - 1979

Posted by senoraboneyard on 2005.08.25 at 14:32
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These girls deliver a lot more than pizza! A super cheezy 70s romp starring John Holmes and his bevvy of saucy girls. There isn't much of a plot in this one, but want do you want?! It's porn. But perhaps it might be a bit more than that because this is one movie I couldn't pass up buying. In a town raised on southern fried chicken, all other food businesses fail, but not Countrygirl Pizzas who delivers any topping you choose and is brought to your door by women in short shorts riding skateboards (very badly). The best part of this whole film is the opening credits, the skateboarding, and the song Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls. Yes Virginia, they wrote a special song for it and man, is it bad. So much so that you will actually forget the movie and be left singing about the sauciness of it all and wanting to put on your knees-high sport socks for some pizza delivering action.

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Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.25 at 09:13

"Abdullah sings the blues while he charcoal grills gangsters and turns dalmation dogs into spotted spam... Alien robots desperate for bolonium possess the defrosted Mayor as their zombie agent... "

HUH???? At first I thought this was a gag site about a fake movie, but it's listed in IMDB

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Worst Rock / Dance Musicals- EVER

Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.24 at 17:45
Current Music: Dead Can Dance - The Carnival is Over
The Apple (1980) GLITTER BEARD! This is the creme de la creme of misguided glam rock musicals. A DEFINITE must see. And don't blink or you will miss Yma Sumac!
Can't Stop the Music (1980) The Village People. Steve Guttenberg. PLEASE stop the music!
Xanadu (1980) Roller skating muses, Animated sequence. Gene Kelly roller boogies.
Tommy (1975) Roger Daltry hanglides, Jack Nicholson sings. For the love of god see Quadrophenia instead!
Flashdance (1983) Body double in a bad wig. Yeah right, she's a welder.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Ok ok, this one was INTENTIONALLY campy. and the sound track rocks. An Tim Curry is the only man in drag I lust for.
Footloose (1984) Na I gadda cut looz, fooloos, bick up ya tundee chooz... what is he SAYING!?
Staying Alive (1983) Insert sarcastic alternate "Dead" title here.
Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... is he dead? Is he alive? No, he's in a coma induced by this movie!
Heavy Metal (1981) because nothing exhibits the spirit of heavy metal music like "Open Arms" by Journey.
Streets of Fire (1984) People! Really! What was the POINT!!!! Back when the masses were still impressed by the Moonwalk.
Showgirls (1995) She vomits! She shags like an epileptic! She menstruates! She swallows burgers whole! She's a DANCER!!!!
Spice World (1998) Actually, I LIKED this movie. Very perky and tongue-in-cheek, but high annoyance factor.
The Pirates of Penzance (1980) Rex Smith, Linda Ronstadt, and a boatload of pain.
Phantom of the Paradise (1974) Paul Williams creeps me out. This movies is kinda fun. Jessica Harper alert!
The Wiz (1978) The music is fun, but that's about it. Oh, and Michael Jackson was still more talented than scary at that point.
Pennies From Heaven (1981) This creepy Steve Martin movie has some interesting moments, but.... the lipstick on the nipples thing, and the blind girl, and the abortion... UGH! Chris Walken dances though! Jessica Harper alert!
Popeye (1980) *weeps*
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) OH SWEET JESUS! What the hell is this thing? Proof that they shot the wrong guy. They should have shot Stigwood.
Grease 2 (1982) You know, the worst thing about this movie is that you will be singing "Cool Rider" for the rest of your natural life.
Hair (1979) OK, Hair has an amazing soundtrack (better than the stage play), some excellent choreography, and some fantastic direction. HOWEVER. The rest of it is an incoherent mess. Must have been the drugs.
Glitter (2001) Watch this and you will need more Thorazine than Mariah Carey.
Crossroads (2002) KILL HER
Moulin Rouge (2001) This thing is an epileptic nightmare, a Grand Guginol of pop music butchery, and the only cd my mother brought on a 3 week cross-country road trip we took together.
Thank God It's Friday (1978) There is a character named Marv "The Leatherman" Gomez and another who thinks his name is Babakazoo. Nuff said.
Shock Treatment (1981) Jessica Harper alert! And not much else to speak of.
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978) STARCHILD! This film is just ludicrous and meant only for 10 year old boys who actually played with their KISS dolls.
Lisztomania (1975) This movie made me literally physically ill. It stars Roger Daltrey's hair and tries so hard to be artsy that it made me want to punch the tv.
The Pirate Movie (1982) Kristy McNichol always gave me the creeps. Especially when she is doing a version of The Pirates of Penzance with music that sounds like it was written by Christopher Cross (you know, of "Sailing" fame) and dialog that was written by whoever used to write those Rainbow bright cartoons. And what was up with all the remakes of Pirates of Penzance in the early 80s???

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Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.24 at 17:10
Current Music: Boards of Canada - Chinook
Jubilee (1977)

"Queen Elizabeth I travels to late twentieth-century Britain to discover a tawdry and depressing landscape where life mostly seems aimless and is anyway held cheap. Three post-punk girls while away their vacuous existence as best they can, from time-to-time straying into murder to relieve the boredom." - IMDB

Let's start on a positive note, shall we? This film was not all bad. Some of the sets and costumes were great, and in many ways it captured some of the angst and frustration of the punk rock scene in England at that time. Not that I was there mind you, I read about it. In some book. Ok, it's what I *imagine* it would have been like, having been a fan of the music for many years. HOWEVER, all the weird crap with some guy in a spandex catsuit, Rif from Rocky Horror, and Queen Elizabeth musing on the nature of... I don't know, "time"? Was it? Or "life" or some such nonsense- was just dreadful and distracting. And Toyah Wilcox's character became so ANNOYING and overwrought I wanted to shoot her myself. On the plus side, Adam Ant is adorable, Toyah Wilcox does manage to pull of a really great scene at the end, and as it turns out she is married to Robert Fripp in real life. Not that that improves watching this movie, but I like his music...

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Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.22 at 13:14
Current Music: Blondie - 08 - rip her to shreds
Baraka 1992

When I first saw Baraka with some friends of mine, we immediately started the DVD over as soon as it was finished and watch the whole thing again. I love this movie, although it may not be for everyone's taste as it can be a bit on the pretentious side. I'm not going to compare this film to Koyaanisqatsi, even though that's an easy comparison to make. This film focus far more on humanity, spirituality, and has some of the most moving footage I have ever seen. I disagree with the reviewer who said the soundtrack wasn't as good as Koyaanisqatsi. Philip Glass is amazing, but this soundtrack is far more organic sounding and compliments the footage very well. Some of the scenes can be quite slow- I mean really there is only so much footage of a rock you can take before you fall into a coma- but the film redeems itself in short order with something powerful and breathtaking around every corner. I highly recommend this film.

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Scarlet Diva (2000)

Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.21 at 22:27
Scarlet Diva (2000)

So as per sakuraigirl's recommendation/loan, I watched Asia Argento's semi-autobiographical film "Scarlet Diva". I alternated between hating and loving this film, but in the end I found it's 70s Euro-sleaze vibe irresistible. It's a surreal travelogue of the sordid life of a drug-addled, bisexual, self-proclaimed whore actress that in the end doesn't really go anywhere but the ride is fun. I didn't leave feeling like I had anymore insight into the character or where she was going in life, but there was a certain familiarity in her story for anyone who has wandered and been lost in their youth. Lots of soft core porn, sort-of rape scenes, drugs drugs and more drugs, confusing dream sequences, and more jet set travel than a Wim Wenders flick, I think that this movie is worth the price of the rental.

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Raymond Scott, Composer

Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.19 at 21:30
Current Music: Raymond Scott - "Powerhouse"
If you have seen a Bugs Bunny cartoon then you are familiar with the music of Raymond Scott, odds are you just don't know it. Raymond Scott is the oft ignored pioneer of electronic and ambient music and a brilliant engineer/inventor who revolutionized modern music. In spite of this and in spite of the fact that he was the composer the frequently lauded Carl Stalling "borrowed from" the most, few know his name. Check out his work and his inventions here

Don't believe me about the Bugs Bunny thing? Check out this excerpt from "Powerhouse" composed by Scott in 1937.

And for some of his more Avant Garde stuff, check out his "Soothing Sounds for Baby" series, considered one of the first electronic ambient works (although it's anything but soothing IMHO).

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The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Posted by evilcupcakes on 2005.08.19 at 15:11
Current Music: Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser 1974

I just watched this movie last night. It's a bit slow moving but if you are at all interested in the weird tale of Kaspar Hauser it's a fascinating take on the story.

For those who don't know, Kaspar Hauser was a young boy, about 16 who just showed up in Nuremberg one day in 1828 carrying a mysterious letter. He had apparently been raised his whole life in a box or very small room in the dark. He had only ever seen one other human being, had limited verbal skills, and had only eaten bread and water his whole life. He became a bit of a celebrity and many theories arose around his origins.

This film does a pretty good job of telling the story. The actor who plays Kaspar, Bruno S, is a bit too old to pass for 16, but he was selected by Werner Herzog because he had spent his entire life in mental institutions after his prostitute mother beat him until he was temporarily deaf. This adds to his realistic portrayal of a man who is not in sync with other humans but desperately wishes he could be. The scenery and direction are flawless, and this is probably one of Herzog's best works. The film is VERY slow, but it isn't a long film (about 109 minutes). This is a must see for anyone interested in Herzog or the legend of Kaspar Hauser.

For more info on the true story of Kaspar Hauser, check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaspar_Hauser

Raise Your Hand Ed

Posted by senoraboneyard on 2005.08.18 at 11:07
Rubin and Ed - This has got to be one of my all time favorite films. A 1992 cult classic starring Crispin Glover and Howard Hessemen. Ed (Hessemen) is a down and out salesman, who happens to meet up with Rubin (Glover) a bizarre boy who's love for his dead cat takes these two on a journey to bury it in the "perfect spot". Hilarious, bizarre and highly recommended.

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